Challenge yourself, push yourself and
achieve more from yourself.

DSC_0219-1What are your goals? What are your dreams?

This is the age of knowing who you really are.

WellBeing Stadium is a creative, unique and heart-felt place, delivering thought-provoking information on wellbeing, healthy living and a conscious lifestyle.

Be inspired by words of wisdom from wellness experts who have inspired me. Learn about them through inspirational biography; descriptive, clear and concise articles; and compelling and controversial opinions, both through interviews and my views on the world.

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By reading WellBeing Stadium you will receive material you won’t get anywhere else. This is what you’ll get in The Stadium:

  • Get all the essentials! Action plans to help improve every area of your life: the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual facets of your life.
  • Improve your overall health, wellness and social life.
  • Breathe in positivity. Inhale love. Exhale negativity.

When you subscribe for WellBeing Stadium you will receive insight from wellbeing professionals and practitioners, as well as previews to upcoming Stadium posts from The Roster, The Press Box, The Bleachers and The Souvenir Stand.

Here is a brief overview of the Stadium:

The Roster: This section consists of players that make up the lineup. This area focuses on the inspirational people who have inspired me. We all have a wellbeing roster, whether it is family, friends, acquaintances, teachers, mentors or professionals. These are special people in your life who have your wellbeing and best interest at heart.

The Press Box: The Press Box contains the media and in this section of the Stadium there are interview-style articles on various intriguing subjects. This is where various wellbeing professionals, practitioners and creative minds voice their opinions on several wellbeing, wellness, health and thought-provoking topics. These articles promote positive change, truth and inspiration. I interview my WellBeing Roster so that you may be inspired to be, not exactly like the experts, but learn from them and take with you pieces of them for your life. This way, it can help inspire you to be the best YOU possible.

The Bleachers: This Bleachers are an area where people can speak their minds, with a full overview of The Stadium. I can voice my opinion on various wellbeing, wellness and health subjects, which can be heart-felt and invoke some controversy. You, the public, are also encouraged to leave comments for discussion in this section, as well as in the entire Stadium.

The Souvenir Stand: In stadiums there are always souvenir stands or concession areas. In this Stadium I will share and give in The Souvenir Stand. I will give you my original poetry and share other poetry, inspirational quotes, books, lyrics, songs, photos and messages that have been influential in my life. There is also a Souvenir Stand for you where you can purchase the books, music and movies that have inspired me at an Amazon Store.

Check out The Souvenir Stand Store. This is a great way to take action in your life, by learning some powerful material and being inspired so you can be an inspiration for others.